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Japanese denim neck-warmer mask

  • With removable filter+ €10.00
  • Without filter
  • Black denim
  • Blue denim


Kaihara was founded in 1893 as a weaver of handwoven authentic ​and traditional Japanese ​indigo-dyed kasuri textile. The mill then specialized in the manufacture of denim. It is the only company that manufactures its fabric entirely, from the yarn, through the dyeing, to the weaving. For certain qualities of fabrics, very old weaving machines are still used, giving a particular grain to the fabric.



Specifications :


  • 100% cotton
  • Black unwashed denim
  • Felt lining
  • Option filter: anti-pollution filter inside the mask; This filter is washable (machine wash at 30 degrees or hand wash) and easily removable. Refills are also available here
  • With the filter option, the eyelets are larger, cf. picture
  • Black anti-fog vent holes (put your glasses over the mask)
  • Fast, adjustable and comfy fastening system, flat elastics (you can easily put your helmet over it) and velcro in the back of the neck (neck size : 40cm -> 50cm)
  • Nose bridge adjustable shape, stainless steel
  • Handmade in France, high quality fabrics
  • Size : H 430mm, 1/2l 120mm

Dry cleaning only

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