Motorcycle Leathercraft - Handmade in France - Since 2013
Hello, the shop is reopened, good comeback!
Made in France


Since 2013


All the items are handmade by me. I design, make the pattern and sew all of the items.




I don’t use a factory because I want to control the entire process and make a perfect product with no defects. Because I make everything myself, I can produce only a small quantity of each item.


I want to use only quality materials, european fabrics and Italian leather.


When I craft something, I first think about the user. I want my products to be practical, beautiful and high quality. I want to craft things that are easy to wear, use and that are durable. I test all the accessories I make, being a motorcyclist myself.


After working in Tokyo as a designer/patterner, I came to France to work in the fashion industry.


My job as a patterner is to conceive clothes patterns and to look for finishes. This is the technical part of the clothing creation, all the little things that you don't always see but that gives the clothing an important look.


I am interested in motorcycles since a long time, and by creating the Sankakel shop, I wanted to bind my profession with my passion for motorcycles. Sankakel was born from my experience in clothing and my interest in motorcycles. Sankakel is about handcraft for classic/custom motorcyclists.





All our products are made to be worn every day.
We imagine and then test before embarking on manufacturing and marketing to ensure that the products remain functional and aesthetic.